Are you kidding? Almost two-thirds full? This is so weird because I still struggle with my own self-esteem issues…I still think, Who would want to be around me anyways? I see my faults and they are glaringly obvious (but then again, nobody’s perfect). When I was considering the idea of teaching dance, I fought with myself, thinking, Who would want to be with or learn from me? Then the idea of a dance cruise was brought up to me and I felt the same way. I thought, People are going to want to spend their vacation with ME? Taking dance lessons from me in the middle of the ocean? RIIIITE!!

But they did! 

And they’re going to again this year. I planned for 2 1/2 times the amount of people on the Dance With Janet Cruise 2016 as were on the 2015 DWJ Cruise just because my gut said so, and we are only a couple of people way from being two-thirds full. The $100 deposit special is on now, so contact Harlan TODAY at 630-334-4646 or, and join the party! I can only imagine the beauty of the Eastern Caribbean that we are going to witness and the fun we’re all going to have spending a week together – dancing, watching shows, shopping, seeing what the islands have to offer, talking & getting to know each other. It will truly be paradise! Thank you for not only being willing to spend time with me but WANTING to spend time with me – the feeling is mutual! I am so excited that we have booked almost 2/3 of the cabins we have reserved for our group, and we don’t even sail for another 7 months.  HOLY COW!!

Dance Details:

  • DVD BOX SETS are still on SALE with a FREE DVD!  Visit to order, or pick one up from me at Cadillac Ranch – SALE ENDS 7/31!!
  • Dance at Cadillac Ranch ( with me this Tuesday (Day Drinking at 7:30 & One Step Forward to DUST at 8:30) & with Kat on Friday (River Bank at 6:30, Don’t It at 7:30, & Bang Bang at 8:30)
  • I’ll be teaching 2 new dances plus Rhoda Lai’s (hard) Bang at the Taste of Windy City convention in Rosemont, IL this Friday & Saturday 7/24 – 7/25.  See for details
  • Sunday Nite Country meets 7/26 in Warrenville, 3S240 Warren Ave, from 6 – 9 pm
  • A new session of classes begins on 7/27; click on for locations & times

I’ll see you on the dance floor!!

Janet Kruse

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