Thank you all for your concern about “Double Two” Rich.  He is home now, and as stable as he can be, from what it sounds like.  I received this update from Rich’s wife Marcia on Friday evening, and I posted it as a follow up comment to the original posts on Facebook, but I realize that did not reach a lot of you.  Thus, I’m sending you Marcia’s email to you.

Please continue to lift the Parrottes up in prayer.  Life is not easy, is it?  But we are not alone, especially as dancers.  We are a community.


August 8, 2014

Friday  ~   5:00 pm

Things have been rough since the end of June  🙁

This all started most likely before June, but as June progressed into early July, symptoms and pain levels began increasing at warp speed pace and intensity!

Complicated circumstances relating to his job, insurance, finances, and other issues were affecting our decisions…

Rich went to ER on July 22 and was admitted straight away.

He ended up with pneumonia a couple days later – on top of everything else.  (He did NOT have any respiratory distress or symptoms when he walked in – beyond being a smoker of course).

His pneumonia proceeded to become worse.  By the following Sunday he was on a pathway towards being a hairs breath away from critical — with all the heavy and concerning discussions with Physicians that entailed!  O.O

He also developed significant kidney issues which affected testings (could not use infusions for tests) — as well as causing increased swelling in lower body tissues and extremities.

As days went by all tests done came back with increasing alarming results of cancer metastasis throughout various body systems.

He was additionally emaciated nutritionally.

Turns out he has a small cell carcinoma which is known for rapid rate growth, entering the blood stream, now traveling throughout various body systems.

His pneumonia and kidney problems delayed the start of Chemotherapy by a total of 9 precious days!!

On Monday, Aug 4th, he was not ideal yet, but healed enough from lung and kidney issues for the MD,s to determine to start his 1st Three Week Cycle of Chemo therapy (out of SIX Cycles they are planning for him) without further delay.

Depending on how he responds to his first one or two Cycles of Chemotherapy, they may interject TWO weeks of Radiation Treatment into the mix, then return back to complete the Chemotherapy Cycles.

Has completed his four days of chemo medications as of yesterday.

Lungs good enough (off O2).

(Still slight short of breath with activity but not truly compromised).

He PROMISES me he has smoked his last cigarette 17 days ago!!!

Kidneys improved enough.

He is up walking without needing a walker as of today – but still requires someone nearby for minimal support.

Amazing progress, healing, and strengthening over the past four days!!

So far blood count follow-up post Chemo infusion indicates only two areas of concern.

He will be on a restricted diet due to his Potassium level.

They decided the other level can be followed out patient and is not of concern to keep him inpatient in the hospital any longer.

There is no cure.  However, we are choosing to believe between his a) Cancer Treatments and b) Rich’s strong personality characteristics his whole life through of never giving up, tenacity, and perseverance through all struggles and challenges life throws at him, that he will have significant meaningful time ahead of him yet.

Certainly time for us to focus on priority decisions and choices!

He has been required to terminate from his job – meaning neither of us are employed – and no unemployment coming in this time compared to last year.

We have been blessed with AMAZING assistance as we have placed applications for various types of financial assistance.  Now in the waiting phase…

Our daughter Roxiey who lives near Sacramento, California, had planned vacation time this way months ago!  It was wonderful to have support from Roxiey and her husband Tallon.

Amazing how time with sweet  Kalla (age ten) and go-getter Mac (age almost three) added charm and enjoyment to stressful days!!

(Congratulations to Kalla who competed in the 2014 National Roller Skating Competition at the end of July and won herself TWO Gold Medals!  Ah!  Plus she attended the DuPage County Fair and won herself a First Place Blue Ribbon in the Watermelon Eating Contest!  Talk about being on a roll!!! – Haha!)

In addition we were in frequent daily contact with our son Drew who lives in Los Angeles.  He is currently on a three week Film Shoot in Texas.

The MD’s were fabulous about letting us three way my phone to our two kids so they could listen in and participate in the explanations and discussions regarding Rich’s condition as things progressed along the way.

Rich’s older sister, Debbie, flew in from Georgia to spend time with him.


His Oncologist just arrived and is currently writing discharge orders for this evening.

(He has supper ordered – I am hoping discharge process takes long enough for him to eat here – to offer me the deal of not needing to slave in the kitchen for him yet tonight – Ha!)

Rich is anticipating sleeping in his own bed tonight.  A blessing indeed!!  A week ago I was not certain he would ever get to return home again!


FYI  –  We do NOT have a home to accommodate visitors.

I will include both of our contact informations for all other communication methods except home address.

If anyone wishes our address, I will offer it for snail mail purposes ONLY per individual request.

Thank you to EACH and EVERYONE who has held us up in prayers, heart caring thoughts, and kind conversations of remembering friendship with us from past contacts.

We appreciate, are grateful and thankful for each of your friendships over the years.

Our love to each of you!!

Choose appreciation and love in your lives each day!

Love and Hugs

Marcia   xxx

(and Rich)



Rich (or Allen)::

CELL #:   630 267-2312

=  Rich can receive text messages

=  no additional cost to our plan

=  he types back slowly   😉

–  he reads his email

–  if he wants to reply I become his secretary…   O.O



CELL #::   630 267-2308

=  Texting is okay as well

=  no additional cost to our plan



Marcia Steely Parrotte

=   private messaging is preferred if long or specifically personal messages involved…

Take care everyone!!!   xxx

Janet Kruse

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