Oh, what a feelin’, to be dancin’ in the kitchen!!

We did all right last Friday; if you attended the Virtual Dance, the recording will be in your inbox later today.  Make sure to DOWNLOAD ANY RECORDINGS FROM DROPBOX for better synchronization. 

We’re ON for more Virtual Lessons & Dances!  Register at https://www.dancewithjanet.com/virtual (if using your DWJ card, enter the dwj card number in the credit card number box, then 12/99 for the expiration date, then 111 as the CSC code).  You will receive the recording within 48 hours.  Registration will close 2 hours before the evening’s classes begin.  Stay on the line afterwards for a phone chat, if you like!  Here’s this week’s virtual schedule, with the playlists:

Monday 3/23 (Intermediate) from 7:00 – 8:30 pm CST, $8
    – I’m Comin’ In Hot by Lynn Card (new teach)      
    – Baptized In Beer (reviewed)
    – Tragedy by Lynn Card (reviewed)

Tuesday 3/24 (Intermediate Dance) from 7:00 – 9:00 pm CST, All dances run through once, $10

  • Champagne Promise
  • Summer Nights
  • Vanotek Cha
  • Rebel Just For Kicks
  • Coconut Water
  • Get Wild
  • Baptized in Beer
  • American Pop
  • Who’s Up All Night
  • Ex’s & Oh’s
  • Wave on Wave
  • Hypnotized Cha
  • Crazy Foot Mambo
  • Chill Factor
  • Senorita La La La
  • Wild Nights
  • Adventure 45
  • Gypsy Queen
  • Greater Than Me
  • Double Scoop
  • Four on the Floor
  • Lonely Drum
  • Imelda’s Way
  • Lay Low
  • My T-Shirt

Wednesday 3/25 (Beginner 2/Improver) from 5:30 – 6:45 pm CST, $8
    – Half Past Tipsy by Maddison Glover & Rachael McEnaney (new teach)
    – Tragedy by Lynn Card (reviewed)

Wednesday 3/25 (Intermediate) from 7:00 – 8:30 pm CST, $8
    – Half Past Tipsy by Maddison Glover & Rachael McEnaney (new teach) 
    – Coconut Water (reviewed)
    – Tragedy by Lynn Card (reviewed)

Friday 3/27 (Blended Levels Dance) from 7:00 – 9:00 pm CST, All dances run through once, $10

  • A Little Sweet
  • Hillbilly Bone
  • Heartache on the Dance Floor
  • Love Repeats
  • Sangria (Hold On To)
  • West Coast for One
  • DHSS
  • Just a Two Steppin’
  • Hold Your Horses (Just for the Record, Deb)
  • Shotgun Jenny
  • Charleston Cowboy
  • Fresh
  • Crank It Up (Goin’ Hamm)
  • Brown Chicken, Brown Cow
  • Drink in My Hand
  • Skip
  • Toes
  • Broken Stones
  • Hootenanny
  • Back on Texas Time
  • Ooh Aah
  • I Love a Rainy Night
  • I’m On a Roll
  • Blue Night Cha
  • Jordin’s Step

Thank you for the privilege of being part of your life, even while we are separated.  WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS, and we will still dance!  I’m praying for the Lord’s hand of protection over us all.

See you on the VIRTUAL dance floor!  You are SO loved!!

Love ya!