When I was growing up and I did something the rest of the kids were doing, my dad would always roll his eyes and say, "If the kids jumped off a cliff, would YOU jump off the cliff too?"  I was puzzled; my answer was another question:  "If they all jumped, wouldn't there be a good reason for so many to do the same thing, and wouldn't it be right?"  Daddy would always smile and tell me that wasn't the point.  What he wanted me to think about with his question was:

Do you have the guts to walk alone, or
do you always do what everyone else is doing, and walk with the crowd?

Are you thinking about your actions, or blindly following?

It's SO very easy – and mindless – to do what people around you are doing, no matter your age.  Are they gossiping?  You gossip.  Are they laughing?  So do you.  Are they visiting the bathroom?  Well, if you're female, you certainly will accompany them.  Sometimes a good reason exists, and sometimes what is done is correct.  BUT…sometimes, the opposite is true.

What about going against the flow?  Just because the majority does one thing certainly does not make it right, nor the best for you.  The key is to THINK FOR YOURSELF, and decide what is best for YOU to do.  While it's not always easy to stand up for yourself in a crowd and go the other way – CAN you?  WILL you, if needed?  One who has strength of character can and will.  Does that describe YOU?

Following is not all bad, and it has its place.  Remember, though:  If you're not the lead dog, the view never changes.


  • It's been eons since we've had a Saturday dance in Warrenville, but we will TOMORROW from 7 – 10 pm!
  • We're scheduled for the Geneva American Legion on the 2nd Fridays now, and the West Chicago VFW on the 4th Fridays.   Visit the Upcoming Events for a full list of dance venues
  • Warrenville’s Line Dance Workshop on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13th has been CANCELLED
  • Have you “LIKED” my Dance With Janet  Facebook page, along with the OVER 14,000 fans who have?  Pop on over to www.facebook.com/dancewithjanet and click the “LIKE” button to keep up on what’s new!  All the photos from dances are posted to my Facebook page, as well as the PHOTOS tab of my website
    • A BRAND NEW BEGINNER DROP-IN CLASS continues THIS TUESDAY 11/8 (the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays), preceding the Elgin dance.  Class will run from 4:30 – 5:45 at the Izaak Walton Center, 899 Jay Street in Elgin ($7)
    • I’ll be teaching a "brain cramper" intermediate line dance lesson BEFORE the dances on Tuesdays from now on for an extra $3.  I’ll teach MOVES LIKE JAGGER at the Elgin VFW this coming Tuesday11/8, then AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’ for two weeks, and then DRUNK ON A PLANE on 11/29

Love ya!

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