The Just Play Dance Demo was a smashing success!  Our youngest dancer was Jackie’s daughter, Rachel, who is 11 years old.  Jackie said Rachel made her practice for hours – how’s that for inspiration?  You are NEVER too young – or old – to dance!  We did ALL the dances perfectly, in my opinion; it was so heart warming to see so many people out there dancing.  Some of the dancers had only been dancing 3 months – and still performed beautifully!  I counted between 30 – 35…I’m not sure I got them all, but here’s most of them:

Front Row L-R:  Sherri, Mary F., Courtney, Diana, Cathy F., Zumba Sue, Kimberly, Peggy, Rachel

Second Row L-R:  John, Betsy, Dawn, Dolores, Carmi, Janet Jou, Liz, Kelly

Third Row L-R:  Tom, Joe, Sue J., Blonde Janet, Michael, Bill, Jackie

Fourth Row L-R:  Becky, Laura, Lenny, Spike (Deb), Kathy G.

Back Row L-R:  Janet, Rob

Not Pictured: Yah V.

Watch for the video of Just Play to come later today on the upcoming events page.

Thank you again for giving up your time to show the world how much fun dancing is, and how DO-ABLE it is.  We can ALL dance…and we did!

See you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse

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