Spirits are lifting even faster than covid restrictions are nowadays!  The better weather is contributing to a more positive outlook for one and all, and I couldn’t be happier!!

I’m as antsy to get outside and return to dancing as everyone else is.  I’m still teaching Virtual Line Dance lessons on Mondays (Beginner 1 thru Elgin Senior Center at 10 am & Intermediate at 7 pm) but my Wednesday Intermediate Virtual classes at 7 pm will only meet THRU JUNE 9th.  I’m so excited to announce a RETURN TO LIVE LINE DANCE LESSONS & DANCING ON WEDNESDAYS STARTING JUNE 16th – at Sable Creek Winery (14912 Eastern Ave. #103, Plainfield)!!  I’m looking forward to supporting the owners, fellow line dancers Bill & Sandra Harris, who their dream come true and opened their own winery a couple of years ago.

Beginner 2 (Improver) & Intermediate lessons used to meet in Wheaton on Wednesdays, and of course that stopped last March.  A lot of you who attended those classes with me haven’t danced since then, and line dancing in-person again will help you remember what you still know (REALLY! You do!!).  Your line dances are rusty, but they’re still in there!  So here’s what these evenings will look like:

  • Dance time is from 6-9 pm (come and go as you please)
  • Cost is $10/person (classes were at least $8 before, for 75 minutes)
  • I’ll teach Beginner 2 (Improver) & EASY Intermediate lessons on the half hour (6:30, 7:30, & 8:30)
  • We’ll review and dance whatever line dances you’d like (BRING YOUR REQUESTS!)
  • The event room holds about 25 people, with a garage door on one wall open to the outside air
  • Light dinners and wine are available for purchase at the winery

Again, WEDNESDAYS AT THE WINERY are geared toward line dancers with some experience.  This will be an informal time of re-learning line dances (and learning a couple of new ones I introduced during the covid lockdown which have stuck) and re-introducing ourselves to our fellow line dancers. If you attended classes with me on Mondays or Wednesdays at the Mary Lupko Center in Wheaton, on Tuesdays in Warrenville, or on Thursdays at the Geneva American Legion or in the Attic at the Wheaton VFW before covid, these Wednesdays are for you!!  

If you are brand new to line dancing, please find an in-person class that fits into your schedule at https://www.dancewithjanet.com/teaching-beginner-1.  For online instruction, go to https://www.dancewithjanet.com/products-beginner-1 for complete line dance lessons (recorded & taught by Yours Truly).

See you Wednesday, June 16th – AND BEFORE!!  I’ll be back at Spotted Fox in St. Charles TONIGHT teaching a couples lesson at 8:30 and HALF PAST TIPSY at 9:30!!

Love ya!