Happy Monday!

This past weekend was pretty pivotal for me, as it felt more normal than anything has in the past 4 months. I danced in 3 separate environments with lots of friends, and each experience was unique. Not surprisingly, I made some decisions amid all the situations I witnessed, as each of us will.

It’s no news is that the whole world has changed since Covid-19. What IS news is the various ways each person is choosing to handle that change. How we’re going to live the rest of our lives, especially in the foreseeable future, is up to each of us, and responses are all across the board. The key is to do what we believe is right and best and be SENSITIVE and RESPECTFUL to others’ opinions. We are all different, and so will come to various conclusions and game plans about how we will handle this new world in which we live. Just because a close friend or relative doesn’t choose the same response I do doesn’t mean they, or I, am wrong. It simply means we have not chosen the same paths for our lives. How is that different from the pre-covid world?

As far as line dancing is concerned, it’s no surprise that different leaders are offering different types of venues, as they feel comfortable. Since a good chunk of line dancers want to continue dancing even now, it’s wonderful that we have these choices! I tried to dance in a mask this past weekend and found it nigh impossible. Therefore, I have chosen to pursue line dance experiences without masks. Thankfully, we have options! 

– Dancing OUTSIDE in the morning Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Fridays will still work, as we can be comfortably spaced apart in the fresh air
– VIRTUAL classes Monday through Wednesday will still bring line dancing to those who feel most comfortable staying in their homes
– INDOOR dancing provides the comfort of air conditioning in a spacious venue where everyone can dance with lots of room room between each other. Line dancers know how to do this intuitively!

I will continue to ask each of you if you feel comfortable hugging or not. Again, this is the age of acknowledging each other’s differences. I respect the decisions of EACH OF YOU, as you have the right to do whatever you feel is right and best for you. If you choose to keep dancing, it’s still available. Remember, we come together to our mutually happy place to get away from life’s stresses and recharge ourselves. Dancing can still provide those benefits! Let’s leave politics and viruses out of that place, and keep it fun. Condemnation of others’ different choices has no place here. It’s a personal choice for each of us.

To see the options available to you, please visit https://www.dancewithjanet.com/teachingschedule