Happy Thursday!  I have LOTS of news to communicate to you today!  I’ll try to be concise…not easy to do once I get rambling!

We had an unbelievably fun night of dancing last Saturday night in Warrenville!  Thanks to all who joined us; we are near capacity and may soon have to visit the “relocation issue” – what an awesome problem to have!  Country dancing is all about getting people on the floor, and when we’ve got line dancers AND couples dancers out there – WOOHOO!  That’s what it’s all about; lots of people SMILING!!  More and more couples are attending, which is wonderful – we were able to respectably fill the room for the Barnyard Mixer. Take a look at the Cowboy Rhythm Mixer below – and mark your calendars for our next dance, March 2nd.  I’ll be teaching Slick Willie at 7:30 and Stroll Along Cha Cha at 8:30.

We’ve started a new session of classes this week and are off to a great start.  The THURSDAY MORNING line dance class in Warrenville has been added as another “PAY AS YOU GO” drop-in class, in addition to the Friday morning one.  Simply show up, let the registration desk downstairs know you are there (which includes shelling out $6 & signing a waiver), and dance!

DANCE CAMP, hosted by Swing ‘n’ Country (www.swingncountry.net/dcc) kicks off tomorrow night.  I really enjoy this event, so I’m looking forward to checking into the hotel Friday afternoon, and doing nothing but dancing for the rest of the weekend (and eating pizza, of course).  It’s all couples dancing; if you want to work on your moves, I encourage you to attend any and all classes and/or open dances.  The instructors are stellar (our own Julie Hein from Cadillac Ranch will be featured), the dance floors are to die for, and the company is invigorating!  It’s an event not to be missed.  Dawn will be teaching for me at the Ranch on Friday evening, and SATURDAY’S CLASSES on 2/23 WILL NOT MEET.  Please make a note of that, those of you who normally attend classes on Saturday.

Warrenville Park District will be hosting a 3-class “Boot Camp” event on June 9th – mark your calendars!  Gary will be teaching 3 couples classes, and Dawn & I will each teach 3 line dance classes (you’ll learn 6 dances in those 3 one-hour classes).  That’s 9 classes to choose from, plus dinner and open dancing afterwards!  More details to follow; please save the date.

Finally, we are considering adding a second Intermediate 1 line dance class on Mondays in Wheaton IN THE FALL OF 2013 (the current Intermediate 1 class meets on Saturdays in Warrenville).  So many of you are ready for graduation from Beginners classes!  We would meet at either 6:15 or 7:45 pm, and the current couples class would move to either 6:15 or 7:45 pm.  Please comment on which time slot you would prefer for which class.  Couples, you’ve been meeting at 6:45 and we’d like to adjust your class to the time slot most conveniently suited to your schedules.

Thanks for your patience with all this information!  See you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse

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