Thank you all so much for your support as I dealt with a health crisis with my grandmother in Rockford this past week (and thus cancelled a bunch of classes). Gram seems stable and back to normal again, for which I’m grateful. Since she’s 101 years old, something like this may reoccur, but I’m enjoying this window of routine life with her until it does.

– This Saturday’s FERMILAB’S DANCE HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED to the following day, Sunday the 26th, from 2 to 5 pm. Sunday’s dance will be a BRIDGE dance and DJ JEFF is planning on running the show. Sorry for the late notice; Fermilab had a scheduling conflict. This Tuesday’s dance at the Wheaton VFW will run as scheduled, as will FRIDAY 1/31’s BRIDGE dance at Fermilab.

– I’m continuing to BROADCAST WEDNESDAY’S EVENING CLASSES, and we are working out the kinks with our test group. Virtual classes will be offered to the world after we return from the cruise, in March. Once you register for a class, you will have access to it online FOREVER and so will be able to refer to it whenever you like. So many will be able to keep learning dances from wherever they are!  More on this later.

– While the ALASKA 2021 CRUISE has been secured, and registration is open (visit, the LAND TOUR is still in the works.  It’s time to iron out the details for the 2020 cruise, as we sail in 5 weeks.  The 2021 Alaska trip will begin with a 7 night cruise and a 7 night land tour will follow.  You can participate in either one, or both.  I’m estimating they will run about $1500 each (if you book an inside cabin).  I’d love to spend 2 weeks with you – the scenery is SPECTACULAR and makes my eyes burn every time I am there.  I suggest you budget $3000 for the 2 week trip, which would include airfare, train fare, hotels, etc.  That SHOULD cover everything…but I’ll release more details in March. Thanks for your patience! 

By the way, INSTRUCTOR  TRAINING HAS BEEN MOVED to March 21st – 22nd at my home. If you are interested in joining the DWJ teaching staff, please plan on attending! Visit for details.

Love ya!