Happy Monday! 

I’m sure you’re all enjoying another day “on the right side of the grass”, as I heard yesterday from a dancer in response to my question of how he was.  What a great comment!

Boot Camp yesterday was pretty intense – 3 solid hours of lessons.  It was pretty funny when my legs gave out around 8:30 and I curled up on the couch in the middle of a song.  Yes, this was at Cadillac Ranch, not at home in my living room – you should’ve heard the DJ laughing!  Thank you, Cathy, Courtney, & Gary for assisting in the registration process; we couldn’t have done it without you.  What a wonderful way to learn dances we might not get to in regular classes; thank you all for attending.  Mark your calendar for February 10, 2013, when Boot Camp at the Ranch returns!!

I groaned when I saw ice on the pickup truck this morning…and thought how close we must be to the holiday season.  YIP…time to start shopping, folks, and also time for our last new class session of the seasonWest Coast Swing Couples, beginning tonight at 6:45 pm (208 W. Union, Wheaton).  Just show up; you can register on site!  We’ll be covering the basics – sugar push, tuck turns, side passes with & without turns, the basket, & whip.  Who knows what variations Gary & I will add…

As we enter our last month of classes for the calendar year, I encourage you to try dancing in “The Real World” so you remember everything you’ve learned.  We’ll be hosting 3 more Warrenville line dances before the year’s end, and other venues abound as well – try one!  Our favorite is Cadillac Ranch in Bartlett, of course, where we dance on Tuesdays, Fridays, & Sundays, so feel free to join the party.  A group of Warrenville line dancers have been dancing at the Ranch on Fridays pretty regularly; Ruth & Phil showed up this past Friday and Ruth said to me, “Seems like half of Warrenville is here!!”  YOU BET – and we’re ALL having a bunch of fun!!!

See you on the dance floor –

Janet Kruse

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