Happy Thursday, everyone!!  Welcome to my “next big thing” – a bit of news from Yours Truly on a Thrilling Thursday!

As you know, I can be a Grade A talker…which works seamlessly with teaching.  I will teach you how to dance – and I have, or you wouldn’t be receiving this email from me right now – but it’s up to you to keep practicing, practicing, always practicing….(remember the Gene Kelley musical, ON THE TOWN?).  You probably don’t remember learning how to walk, but I guarantee you didn’t do it perfectly the first time out of the gate.  It took a lot of repeating the walking movements over and over so they became second nature, and were stored in muscle memory.

Check out this video of Kat & Anthony dancing Lindy Hop:


While Kat has been dancing country, swing, and lines since fifth grade, she and Anthony have only been dancing Lindy for about a year EACH –  and there’s no doubt that they’re comfortable on the dance floor!  That’s free-style dancing you’re witnessing; Kat was totally following Anthony’s lead, and he had no idea what he was doing until a split second before he did it.  What’s the secret to their success?  You guessed it; it’s the “P” word in Dancing –


Did you know you can go out dancing every night of the week in Chicagoland?  Granted, you may have to drive a bit to get to the dance.  But while you are there, you can enjoy great songs, meet new people, work up a sweat, laugh, and improve your memory, balance, & co-ordination.  I encourage you to dance in different venues and stretch your comfort zone’s limits by trying something new…social dancing!!  Where else can people aged 9 to 89 have a good time – together??!!  This is good, clean fun at its best.

Our next open dance is THIS SATURDAY, July 21st, in Warrenville – and our Event Of The Night is the celebration of Jackie’s 40th birthday!  Jackie started taking lessons with me in Wheaton in April of 2010 – yep, that’s a little more than 2 years ago.  She now has over 110 line dances stored in that blonde brain of hers; she remembers some of them better than I do.  That’s a lot of practicing!  Come join the party – and I hope you like Costco chocolate cake, because Jackie cannot possibly eat the one we’ll have all by herself.  And practice – you’ll dance that cake off before you know it.  I’m looking forward to seeing you all again; it’s a big reunion of friends.

We had fun dancing at the Salvation Army last Monday night; thanks to all of you who attended!  It’s a new venue for us; it was great to see so many of you and we hope you had a good time.  Feel free to share any comments or suggestions you may have on this or any dance event; we want these dances to be as enjoyable for you as possible!  For the remaining 3 Monday dances (our next one is THIS MONDAY, the 23rd), we are considering calling 2 line dances per song to offer more dances, and also pushing back couples lessons till 8:45 with couples review dances afterwards (till the end of the evening).  Since a lot of line dancers leave at couples’ lesson time, that would mean they wouldn’t miss anything, and it would be couples dancing/lessons/practice for the last 45 minutes.  We’ll try it this upcoming Monday.  What do you think; are those good ideas or not?  I welcome your feedback!

Take care till the next time we dance – lots of opportunities this weekend!  See you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse

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