For some of you, that may be an eye roller – after all, did we really break from work for the last two weeks? – but for me, I am sincere.  Even though life didn’t stop over the holidays – FAR from it – I had two weeks off from classes, and I feel rejuvenated!  My daughters both came home for Christmas and I had each of them to myself for a day and a half – GREAT quality time; we had lots of girl talk.  Jeff’s son Adam also came in for Christmas and stayed with us for EIGHT DAYS!  I didn’t get much done we sure did play hard.  It was wonderful to catch up with the changes in Adam’s life.  Of course he had lots of stories about his first semester at college; thankfully he kept the ones that would make me cringe to himself. 🙂

I can’t wait to start seeing everyone regularly again and hitting some new dances.  I’ve been receiving a lot of feedback and I am so grateful; these are YOUR recreational times, after all!  We’ll be doing a bunch of new line dances as well as the standards in line dance classes, and we’ve added a third couples class (on Thursday evenings) to help fit couples classes into your schedules.  We resume ALL classes THIS MONDAY and I’m hearing from a lot of ladies that they will be attending couples classes, so unattached men…NOW’S YOUR CHANCE!  We’re sure to have extra women for you!  It should be no problem to make sure everyone has a partner.

This past Saturday I went to Toby Keith’s and about 18 people came with me…thank you all!  It was so much more fun than going alone (DUH).  After dinner, we were all antsy to dance, and the band was doing their sound check…so we danced – accompanied by “Check one, two”!  Who says dancers need music?  We all hear music (and other various things!) in our heads anyways!  What was amusing was that other people not in our group joined us as we danced.  It was really weird to dance “Dizzy” to no music (in addition to about a dozen more) in a bar…with people we didn’t know, to boot.  Unforgettable!!!

Here’s the group that went to Toby’s:

Left to Right, Standing:  Jeff Weston, Cathy Feltz, Marty Young (behind Cathy), Gary LaForte, Estelle Peabody, Garry Lawson, Sue Jarocki, Joe Jarocki, Cheryl Weston, Linda Pasetti-Olson, Rob Ryan, Beth Young, & Sharon Cimino.  Kneeling (boy was that hard on the knee):  Mike Scott, Amy Dolgin, Janet Kruse, Lenny Krystal, & Sue Loftus

I hope to see you all again tonight at the Warrenville dance (3S240 Warren Avenue, 7-10 pm); I’ll be teaching SHOTGUN at 7:30 and LOVE, JOANN at 8:30.  Tonight kicks off a little different format, as I’ll be teaching an intermediate lesson at 7:30 and a beginner lesson at 8:30 at the Warrenville dances from now on.  You asked for it; you got it!  And tomorrow is FAMILY DAYS at Cadillac Ranch from 2-5:30 pm – bring your kids for a family afternoon & dinner at a BAR (gasp)!

See you on the dance floor!!!

Janet Kruse

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