Pre-Recorded Beginner 1 Level Sessions 3 & 4 Dance



Join me & Ray for a two-hour Beginner 1 level dance from the comfort and safety of your own home. I run through the dance and then dance it all the way through to music with you.

Dances Taught Include:

  1. Everything Easy by Jan & Connie Van den Bos
  2. Jan Loves To Boogie by Jan Machan
  3. Overcomer by Donna Manning
  4. Mamma Maria by Frank Trace
  5. K Step Boogie by Jo Thompson-Szymanski & Michele Burton
  6. Canadian Stomp by Cindy Hall, Ginny Smith, & Michael Beck
  7. Skate by Mary Lou Crowe
  8. Country Walkin’ by Teree Desarro
  9. One Step Forward by Betty Wilson & Charlotte Lucia
  10. Good Morning by Jo Thompson-Szymanski and Michelle Cook Holloway
  11. Electric Horseman by Unknown
  12. Bang Bang EZ by Annemarie Sleeth
  13. Love Repeats by Michele Burton
  14. Victory Lines by Unknown
  15. I Love A Rainy Night by Iris M. Mooney
  16. Brown Chicken Brown Cow by Ed Royko
  17. D.H.S.S. by Gaye Teather
  18. Tricky Tricky by Unknown