Couples Complete Instruction

Lessons on DVD or Flash Drive

A good dance starts with a competent leader who knows what he is doing.  Men dance better when they are shown how to lead the woman through various moves step by step.  Women follow their partners best when they are taught how to follow, stand, turn, and land spins (without getting sick). Since a man who can lead well is priceless and a women who can follow him is a gem, Couples Dance lessons are simply invaluable.

4 Complete Lessons of Double Two!

FOUR Lessons are included featuring Janet & Chris Kowalczyk. We’ll get you started with the basics of Country’s easiest couples dance and demonstrate some moves to make you and your partner shine on the dance floor. Get your dancing shoes ready!

2 Complete Lessons of East Coast Swing!

TWO Lessons are included featuring Janet & Kat Warner. Learn the basics of East Coast Swing (Country’s easiest swing dance; similar to Jitterbug) as we show you some snazzy moves. You’ll be dancing the night away in no time!

5 Lessons of Partner Pattern


FIVE Lessons (Barnyard Mixer * Cha Cha Del Rio * Schottische * Shadow * Stationary Cha Cha) are included featuring Janet & Chris Kowalczyk. These five pattern dances are standards in the Chicagoland area.

4 Complete Lessons of Two Step!

Without a doubt, Two Step is the most difficult of the Country couples dances, yet it is THE staple dance. Janet and Kat Warner explain the basic technique of Two Step and introduce moves to make you and your partner WOW the spectators on the dance floor. Let’s dance!

15 Complete Couples Lessons

15 Complete Lessons!
Lessons include:
Double Two (with Chris Kowalczyk)
East Coast Swing (with Kat Warner)
Patterns (with Chris Kowalczyk)
Two Step (with Kat Warner)
Learn In The Privacy Of Your Own Home So You’re Ready To Dance!

Couples Lessons on Flash Drive

Don’t have a DVD drive?  Select any DVD Volume or Box Set and receive it on a flash drive instead of a DVD.  For a full description of what is on each volume or in each box set please look at that volume of the DVD.

Complete Box Set

239 Complete Lessons!
Featuring Double Two, East Coast Swing, Patterns, & Two Step And The Most Commonly Danced Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Intermediate 1, & Intermediate 2 Line Dances Learn In The Privacy Of Your Own Home So You’re Ready To Dance!

Couples Digital (INSTANT Access) Dance Classes

Learn Couples Dances VIRTUALLY from wherever you are by practicing your dances taught by Janet herself of Dance With Janet.