Partner Preferred But Not Required; No Experience Necessary

A good dance starts with a competent leader who knows what he is doing.  Men dance better when they are shown how to lead the woman through various moves step by step.  Women follow their partners best when they are taught how to follow, stand, turn, and land spins (without getting sick). Since a man who can lead well is priceless and a women who can follow him is a gem, Couples Dance lessons are simply invaluable. All classes are taught by Janet herself unless otherwise noted. In-person classes are taught in the Chicago, IL area.

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Geneva – Fox Valley Ice Arena630.492.04016:15 – 7:30 pm


All classes are drop-in classes and cost $10/class.  We hope to see you in a class soon!

Phone: 630.492.0401
Address: 1996 S. Kirk Rd, Geneva, IL 60134
Cost: $10/class

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Phone: 630.492.0401


In Lead & Follow dances (like Two Step), you’ll learn about a dozen moves to do during the dance to keep it moving and interesting.  With Pattern dances, the movements are a set of steps that keep repeating for the duration of the dance.  Pattern dancing is the best way to start couples dancing, as it takes the pressure off of the man to continually think of things to do.

Type Of DanceName Of DanceDemo Video
Partner Pattern16 StepDemo Video
Partner PatternBarnyard MixerDemo Video
Partner PatternCha Cha Del RioDemo Video
Partner PatternCotton Eyed JoeDemo Video
Partner PatternCowboy Rhythm MixerDemo Video
Partner PatternEl Paso StrollDemo Video
Partner PatternFourplayDemo Video
Partner PatternLynn’s Mixer (Cotton Eyed Joe Modified Mixer)Demo Video
Partner PatternRenegade MixerDemo Video
Partner PatternSchottischeDemo Video
Partner PatternShadowDemo Video
Partner PatternStationary Cha ChaDemo Video
Lead & FollowCha ChaDemo Video
Lead & FollowDouble TwoDemo Video
Lead & FollowEast Cost SwingDemo Video
Lead & FollowHustleDemo Video
Lead & FollowNight ClubDemo Video
Lead & FollowTwo StepDemo Video
Lead & FollowWaltzDemo Video
Lead & FollowWest CoastDemo Video

I am delighted to get you started couples dancing.  When you are ready for more intensive Couples Dance Lessons, I have two local recommendations. Just mentioned you were referred by Dance With Janet.

My daughter Kat Warner, teaches at Heart & Sole Dance Studio in Joliet, IL.  Click here to email her!

World Champion Julie Hein, is teaching Two Step out of Strut Dance Studio in Villa Park on Wednesdays from 8 – 9 pm ($15 per person, drop-in).  Singles are welcome in these semi-private lessons.  Click here to email her!

Julie & Kat chilling – we saved a seat for you!

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