12 Dances – November 11, 2020


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Dances Taught Include:

  1. Toes by Rachael McEnaney
  2. Better When I’m Dancing by Julia Wetzel
  3. Curious Girl by Daniel Trepat
  4. Play That Sax by Michael Metzger
  5. Double Scoop by Jill Babinec, Rosie Multari, Derek Steele, & Debi Pancoast
  6. We Are Tonight by Dan Albro
  7. Greater Than Me by Maggie Gallagher
  8. Adventure 45 by Ria Vos & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane
  9. Weekend Ruined by Rob Holley
  10. Obsessed by Roxanne Moates, Luke Watson, & Stephen Watson
  11. Crazy Foot Mambo by Paul McAdam
  12. A Little Less Traveled by Lynn Card