Pre-Recorded Blended Levels Dance – April 11, 2020




Join me & Courtney for a two-hour blended levels dance from the comfort and safety of your own home. I run through the dance and then dance it all the way through to music with you.
Cost $10

Dances Included Are:

  1. A Little Less Traveled by Lynn Card
  2. Can’t Blame It On The Booze by Rob Holley
  3. Honey, I’m Good by Lynn Card
  4. Get Drunk, Get Loud by Rob Holley
  5. Night Shift by Lynn Card
  6. New Tattoo by Rob Holley
  7. You’re Beautiful by Lynn Card
  8. River Bank by Lynn Card
  9. Bumpin Tailgates by Rob Holley
  10. Can’t Stop the Dance by Lynn Card
  11. Got Me Rollin’ by Rob Holley
  12. Granddaddy Long Legs by Lynn Card
  13. Take It From Me by Lynn Card AND Rob Holley
  14. My T-Shirt by Lynn Card
  15. What Makes You Country by Rob Holley
  16. Tragedy by Lynn Card
  17. I’m On A Roll by Rob Holley
  18. September Trolls by Lynn Card
  19. Speed of Love by Rob Holley
  20. Shut Up & Dance by Lynn Card
  21. I Can Do This All Day by Rob Holley
  22. Drink My Way Out by Lynn Card
  23. M-O-V-E by Lynn Card
  24. VHS by Rob Holley & Lynne Martino
  25. Banjo by Lynn Card
  26. I’m Comin’ In Hot by Lynn Card
  27. Dance For You Jesus by Lynn Card