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Pre-Recorded Blended Levels Dance – May 1, 2020




Join me & Courtney for a two-hour blended levels dance from the comfort and safety of your own home. I run through the dance and then dance it all the way through to music with you.
Cost $10

Dances Included Are:

  1. Back on Texas Time by Gail Dawson
  2. Brown Chicken, Brown Cow by Ed Royko
  3. Play That Sax by Michael Metzger
  4. American Kids by Gloria Stone
  5. K Step Boogie by Jo Thompson-Szymanski & Michele Burton
  6. M-O-V-E by Lynn Card
  7. Sangria (Hold On To) by Rosie Multari
  8. Love Never Felt So Good by Debbie Small
  9. Half Past Tipsy by Maddison Glover & Rachael McEnaney
  10. Love Repeats by Michele Burton
  11. Bonaparte’s Retreat by Maddison Glover
  12. I’m Comin’ In Hot by Lynn Card
  13. Skate by Mary Lou Crowe
  14. Back In The Day by Dan Albro
  15. Shot of Tequila by Fred Whitehouse
  16. Senorita La La La by Julia Wetzel
  17. Bumpy Road EZ by Lynn Card
  18. Gypsy Queen by Hazel Pace
  19. Lonely Drum by Darren Mitchell
  20. Uptown Funky by Jill Weiss
  21. September Trolls by Lynn Card
  22. Vanotek Cha by Gary O’Reilly
  23. Country Walkin’ by Teree Desarro
  24. Cruisin’ by Neil Hale
  25. Tragedy by Lynn Card
  26. Champagne Promise by Tina Argyle