Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our most commonly asked questions.  Yours might be among them, so it will save you an email.

Where Are You Located?

Dance With Janet operates out of the Western Chicago suburbs

Where Do You Teach Classes?

Classes are offered west of I-355, south of I-90, north of I-88, and east of Randall Road. We can accommodate special events outside this general area, but weekly classes are within this quadrant. For exact locations and times of classes, please visit it

How Much Do Classes Cost?

If you take classes through neighborhood park districts, they generally run about $60 for a 6-week session (resident rate). Non-resident rates are up to each individual park district. That translates into about $10 per class. If you take classes outside of park districts (called drop-in classes), the charge is $10 per class and can be paid by cash, check, credit card, or a Dance With Janet gift card. Gift cards offer the benefit of convenience, plus if you load it with $80, you get one class free.

I Missed A Class; Can You Send Me The Step Sheets?

No, we no longer provide hard copies of step sheets. They are always available through a yearly paid subscription for you to download and print.  Visit to view and purchase the subscription (recommended for constant access to step sheets). This ensures you access the correct dance done in the DWJ community. You may prefer to view step sheets at (you will need to know who the choreographer, as there are often many options).

Can I Make Up A Missed Class?

Yes, you can. Visit any other class (within the level of classes you are presently taking) and tell the instructor you are making up a missed class. We do not keep track of how many classes you miss. Please use the honor system.  This only applies for classes paid at a park district as all other classes you are only charged when you are actually there.

Can I Make Up A Missed Class At A Dance?

No. If you miss a class you may make up a class, but you may not use a missed class as admission to an open dance.

Are There Other Ways To Learn If You Don't Have Classes That Work In My Schedule Or Are Too Far Away?

Lessons are offered digitally, on DVD’s, or on a flash drive. Visit for all the details.

I'm Looking For The Videos To Review The Dances. How Do I Access Them?

Over 500 video reviews and downloadable step sheets are provided for a nominal yearly subscription fee.  From the home page, go to the My Account and select Learn More About Becoming A Member.  Scroll down and select Line Dance Review Videos, then click purchase.  When checking out select the button for Create An Account if you do not already have one as this will be how you log in to access the videos.  Once you have completed your purchase you can click the My Account button and select Log In. Once you are on that page you will scroll down and log in using the User Name and Password you created during check out.  Once on that page you can select the Line Dance Review button and access the videos and step sheets.

Who Teaches The Lessons On The Videos?

That would be Janet, often imitated but never duplicated, in person, straight to your screen

Do You Do Private Parties Or Events & What's The Cost?

Absolutely! Janet would be delighted to lead your group in dancing and show them how much fun it is to move to the music! Prices vary depending on location and length of the event. Please contact us at for a personal quote.

Do You Offer Private Lessons? If So, Where, & What's The Cost?

Yes, of course. The cost varies depending on how many people would be taking a lesson, and where it is located. Please contact us at for a personal quote.

Is There A Dance Tonight? If So, Where?

Dances can vary but you can always find out when we are dancing by visiting the Upcoming Events page.

Can You Send Me More Information About The Cruise?

Visit for all the information about the upcoming group vacation we have planned. It’s sure to be the best vacation you’ll ever take, with the best traveling companions! Airfare, insurance, and Dance With Janet group fees ($75/person for dancers & $35/person for non-dancers) are extra charges.

What Kind Of Shoes Should I Wear When Coming To Class Or A Dance?

The best shoes are suede soled shoes. The next best are leather soled, followed by vinyl or slippery rubber soled shoes. You can always get better quality shoes, and my favorite suppliers can be found at You’ll find some coupons there to reduce your charges, as well. If you don’t have any slippery soled shoes in your wardrobe, cut off the elastic part of a sweat sock that you most likely have in your drawer, and slide that elastic part around the ball of your shoe. Think of it as if you are putting a tube top on your foot. That elastic part of the sock will stay on your shoe and provide you with a slippery surface so you can turn more easily as you dance.

How Do I Use The DVD I Purchased?

Look at the bottom right corner of the screen and find the little arrow with a line next to it. Click on the arrow and it will take you to where subsequent videos can be found. Only three videos fit on a screen, so multiple screens are needed to display all the videos. Scroll back and forth using the arrows on the bottom of each screen to access the video lessons.

What Happens If I Send An Email Asking One Of These Questions?

You will receive an email directing you to this page to have your question answered.

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Last Updated: December 16, 2022