Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our most commonly asked questions.  Yours might be among them, so it will save you an email.

What is your refund / cancelation policy?

NO REFUNDS will be issued under any circumstances.

What levels of dances will be taught?

Three levels in both couples and lines – Newcomer / Beginner, Novice / Improver, and Intermediate.

What kinds of dances will be taught?

Couples dances will include Two Step, Double Two, East & West Coast Swing, Nightclub, 3-Count Hustle, Salsa, and Waltz.  Line dance instructors will be picking their dances as we get closer.  A full schedule will be made available by May 1st (however dances are subject to change).

Does the hotel have a shuttle from the airport?

No, the hotel does not offer shuttle service to or from the airport.

* O’Hare International Airport is a 45 minute drive to the event
* Midway International Airport is a 80 minute drive to the event

What if I don't want to come for the whole weekend?

We offer different types of passes to meet your needs.  

Choose from 6 different types:

  • Weekend Pass
  • All Day Friday – Classes & Dance
  • Friday Night Dance Only
  • All Day Saturday – Classes, Dance, & Show
  • Saturday Night Dance & Show
  • Sunday Classes

Will there be vendors there?

Yes, we are working on lining up various vendors, providing shoes, massages, & jewelry.

Will there be event merchandise available?

We will have Midwest Country Dance Party shirts available for pre-order and there will be limited quantity available at the event.

Can I take private lessons?

Yes, please speak with the instructor to arrange a time & to find out their fees.

What about food & drinks?

No outside food or beverages will be permitted in the common areas or the ballrooms.  The Holiday Inn Crystal Lake has a Breakfast Buffett and Dinner Menu available.  They will also have a bar open in the evening to purchase drinks.

Is there a paper registration form I can fill out?

Paper registration forms and waivers are available upon request from Janet or Courtney in-person.  We will accept cash, check and credit cards at registration. 

Do I need to bring my own partner or will you be rotating leaders/followers?

We will rotate during classes, but you will not be required to if you brought your own partner.

When does the Early Bird Rate expire?

The Early Bird Rate will expire at the end of the day on May 3rd.

What is the rate changed to after the Early Bird expires?

Rates After Early Bird Ends on 5/3

  • Weekend Pass (All Workshops & Dances) – $135
  • All Day Friday Classes & Dances – $80
  • Friday Night Dance – $30
  • All Day Saturday Classes & Dance – $80
  • Saturday Night Dance & Show – $30
  • Sunday Classes – $45
  • Spectator (for Saturday Show Only) – $10

What will open dancing be like?

DJ Dave will play music all night that both lines & couples can dance to all night long.  There will be 2 floors to dance on, one for Line Dancers and one for Couples Dancers (lead & follow / Partner Pattern).

Do I need to sign up for the lesson that I want to take?

No, once you have a pass you can choose whichever class you would like to attend and just go to the ballroom in which the class is being taught at that time.

Are you selling recordings of what is taught at the event?

No, we are not.  However you will be able to record the lesson at the end of each class with your phone at no additional charge.

How can I get the step sheets for the line dances that are taught?

We will have the step sheets available at the registration table in which you can stop by and take a picture of them during the course of the weekend.

Was your question not answered above?  Contact us at or call 630.492.0401