Meet The Instructors


Janet Kruse

Janet always wanted to dance, and finally started in the late 1990’s. After years spent in country dance halls & classes, she joined Dance Encounter in 2006. She studied Ballroom & Latin dances, and was trained how to teach. After realizing a preference for Country & Swing music over Ballroom and Latin, she settled into teaching Country Couples & Line Dancing. Once class locations in Park Districts were added in 2008, Dance With Janet was officially born.


Betsy Maaks

Betsy has been dancing long before she and Janet met in 2005 (ish). Due to her strong ballet base, she learns dances easily and follows any leader flawlessly. She made 2020 her year to begin instructing and now teaches Beginner 1 line dance classes in Darien.


Carol Hentschel

Carol took the DWJ instructor training course in 2020. She lives in the Dallas, TX area and since she has been dancing for a while, she is busy teaching already. If you would like to learn country dancing in Texas, email Carol at to schedule a private or small group class.


Courtney Blum

Courtney walked into Janet’s bar in May of 2010 and was instantly mesmerized by country dancing. She remembers every dance she ever learned, and now handles the DWJ website and everything Janet can’t (or won’t) do. We would be lost without her. Additionally, Courtney is a substitute instructor for Dance With Janet classes.


Ray Muller

Ray and Janet were introduced in 2018 and immediately started dancing together.  After all, that spinning cowboy is impossible to miss on the floor!  His lifelong dance experience is put to good use filming couples lessons with Janet.  Ray keeps busy teaching both line & couples dancing in Delaware as well as in any other state he visits. 


Rob Ryan

Rob first met Janet in classes in 2012. His not-to-be missed home line dance parties have made him semi-famous in the Chicagoland dance community. This man wants everyone to see just how much fun dancing is! Rob teaches Beginner 1 line dances classes in Glendale Heights, West Chicago, and Wheaton.


Sherry Martinez

Sherry was trained in the Dance With Janet method of teaching in 2017.  She is busy establishing a line dance community near her home in western Texas, near San Antonio.  Email her at for information on classes in that area.