Pre-Recorded Blended Levels Dance – May 22, 2020


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Join me for a two-hour blended levels dance from the comfort and safety of your own home. I run through the dance and then dance it all the way through to music with you.
Cost $10

Dances Included Are:

  1. Just A Two Steppin’ (B1)
  2. Tush Push (B2) / The Fighter (I)
  3. Funkalicious (I) / Skate (B1)
  4. Honky Tonk Highway (B2) / K Step Boogie (B1)
  5. Hypnotized Cha (I) / Cruisin’ (B2)
  6. Back It Up (I) / Charleston Cowboy (B1)
  7. New Tattoo (B2) / Cupid Shuffle (B1)
  8. Get Wild (I) / Cowboy Up (B1)
  9. Curious Girl (I) / Creepin’ (B1)
  10. Tragedy (I) / I Love A Rainy Night (B1)
  11. Greater Than Me (I) / Cowboy Up (B1)
  12. Back On Texas Time (B2)
  13. Banjo (I) / Just A Two Steppin’ (B1)
  14. Ain’t Misbehavin’ (I) / Skate (B1)
  15. Crazy Foot Mambo (I) / Brown Chicken Brown Cow (B1)
  16. Jukebox (I) / Country As Can Be (B1)
  17. Charleston Cowboy (B1)
  18. Speed of Love (I) / Skip (B2)
  19. Senorita La La La (I) / Stroll Along Cha Cha (B2)
  20. Shot of Tequila (I) / Little Rumba (B1)
  21. Blurred Lines (B2) / Wannabe (I)
  22. Chill Factor (I) / Not Yet (B2)
  23. Dan’s Dirty Boots (I) / Canadian Stomp (B1)
  24. Can You Two Step (B2)
  25. Overcomer (B1)