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Pre-Recorded Blended Levels Dance – May 29, 2020



Join me for a two-hour blended levels dance from the comfort and safety of your own home. I run through the dance and then dance it all the way through to music with you.
Cost $10

Dances Included Are:


  1. Hillbilly Bone (B2)
  2. Shotgun Jenny (B2)
  3. Obsessed (I) / Mustang Sally (B1)
  4. Half Past Tipsy (I)
  5. Love Never Felt So Good (B1)
  6. I’m Yours (B2)
  7. Hypnotized Cha (I) / Cruisin’ (B2)
  8. Good Time (B1)
  9. Flatt Out Dance (I) / Lindi Shuffle (B1)
  10. Sun Daze (B2)
  11. Take It From Me (I) / Drink My Way Out (B1)
  12. Brown Chicken Brown Cow (B1)
  13. Thirsty (I)
  14. Volare (B2)
  15. Funkalicious (I) / Skate (B1)
  16. Love, JoAnn (B1)
  17. Rebel Just For Kicks (I) / K Is For Kicks (B1)
  18. Lay Low (I) / Stroll Along Cha Cha (B2)
  19. Can’t Blame It On The Booze (I)
  20. Cool Can Koozie (B2)
  21. Knockin’ Boots (I)
  22. Not Yet (B2)
  23. Dan’s Dirty Boots (I) / Canadian Stomp (B1)
  24. Lonely Drum (I) / Little Lonely Drum (B1)
  25. Blue Night Cha (B2)